Friday, March 16, 2012

General Update...

Well, haven't posted on here in a while so I figured it was time to post a few updates.

Since the previous year, Dave and I have been busy with real life and such.  Funny how that sort of thing can pop up and ruin your day, eh?

After a fun couple weeks brewing before the Christmas party, we managed to brew a couple of rather tasty beers.  The Barleywine turned out pretty well, though I'd like to have seen it a bit better attenuated.  Pale Ale was a bit new, but oh well...

So what's upcoming in the near future?  Well, we now have a year to plan for 25+ gallons of beer for our good friend Daniel Alexander's wedding.  He has been gracious enough to ask us to brew a few beers for his special day, so we are looking to impress.  Planned beers: Bourbon Rye Red, Blackberry Tripel, and an Irish Breakfast Stout.  This should be a fun one to pour at and enjoy!

Other news?

We now have a Facebook Page up and running...  And a Google + page as well...  Please Like/Add as you see fit!

New kettle is up and running, though it still needs a bit of tweaking.  Also got a new burner, but we have to get that mounted properly on the stand.  That may take a bit of work.  Hopback is also in, though haven't fiddled with the hoses for that yet either.

Feel free to hit me up with thoughts on this Belgian IPA recipe I have been playing with...

Besides that, stay tuned!

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