Friday, March 9, 2012

Alexander/Phelps Wedding Lineup

This is the lineup of beers for the wedding of our good friends Stephanie Phelps and Daniel Alexander.

From the Groom:

Barney Phelps' Bourbon Red - An Imperial Red brewed with Zeus and Citra hops.  To make things interesting we did two versions: one with Weller's 107, and one with Wild Turkey Rye.  9.01% abv base - 10.45% Wellers, 10.33% Rye.

From the Bride:

Black Bertha - A Belgian Tripel hopped with Amarillo and Saaz hops.  Fermented with fresh blackberries. 9.6% abv

From the Brewers:

Bricfeasta Beoir (pronounced brick-fas-thah byorr) - An Imperial Stout brewed with coffee, chocolate, and oatmeal.  Classic Kent Goldings and Fuggles hops are used for bittering.  Finished with Power's Irish Whiskey. 11.12% abv

Bear in mind these are strong beers.  The final abv may change based on differences between production and prediction via recipe program.  Please drink responsibly.

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