Friday, January 1, 2010

Limited Release Policy

Over the past few years there have been a lot of different ways to do a limited release for beer.  Since we believe in taking care of the locals first, we tend to weight things in their favor.  It has always been our policy (and always will be) to take care of the folks who take care of us; frankly, the local folks got us where we are today, so they get first crack at our goodies.  In the interest of free and open policy, we do release our LR beers in a 60/40 split with the greater quantity going to our Test Dummies.  Anything left over from them gets rolled into the public offering.  We will try and let people know how many bottles are available a day or two before the event.

Test Dummies Release:

Typically this release comes a week before the public release.  Test Dummies get the lion's share of the limited release goodies because frankly, we appreciate you membership in the program.  No discount is given for the Limited Release bottles, but you get more bottles than the folks at the public release.  Please read our notes concerning Ebay sales and Trading  (violation of the Ebay policy could result in termination of your membership).  We will probably have something fun on tap for the release party in the tap room.

Public Release:

The release starts at 10am.  You can line up out front if you'd like just be nice about parking and whatnot.  Play nice!  We will have someone there early and we will be handing out markers for your place in line (they are numbered).  No marker = no beer.  You also get a little paperwork that basically lets us check that you are 21+, and that you are aware of our policy concerning Ebay sales.  Only the person on the paperwork and in possession of the paperwork can make the purchase.  After that, we'll try and move through the line as quickly as possible.  Odds are, we will have something fun on tap in the tasting room so please swing by after you pick up your beer.  Be patient while in line, and feel free to make some new friends!  

Bottle/Batch Numbers:

You'll notice on our labels we make a point of letting you know which batch and (where applicable) which bottle from that batch you have.  We do this so that we can track public reaction to individual beers!  Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you thought of your bottle/batch!

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