Friday, January 1, 2010

Ebay Policy

Please do not sell our beer on Ebay.  We work quite hard to insure our product is distributed in a manner that promotes what we feel is the best possible quality.  If you do not live within our distribution area, please do not purchase our products via Ebay.  For one thing, it's illegal.  For another, you're probably paying an extortionate price.  We cannot guarantee the quality (or fair price) you may expect from our product if purchased through Ebay or a similar site.  Heat, light, and general abuse are all issues you should keep in mind when illegally purchasing beer via Ebay.

If we find out you are selling our beer on Ebay we will ban you from future sales of our product at the brewery.  We cannot stress how offensive a practice we find this.

This especially applies to our Limited Release beers.  We understand that such releases pose a chance to make a quick buck, and it's your money being used to purchase our product.  That said, after a two year period has passed, you are welcome to sell, trade, or do whatever with your bottles.

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