Friday, January 1, 2010

Trading/Sharing Policy

We firmly believe and endorse the practices of trading and sharing beer.  Because of our limited distribution area, there are many good and honest beer fans who are being denied our beer.  At present, our brewery is not able to meet the demands of all the fine folks who might otherwise wish to enjoy our products. Feel free to make new friends and share our product with them!

We recommend Beer Advocate, Ratebeer, and The Brewing Network forums for this.

That being said, please treat our products with love and kindness so that your new friends will get the best product possible.  Light and heat are not R&D's friends!

On a side note, the brewers are always interested in trying something new.  Feel free to bring new and interesting beers (even homebrew) by the brewery for us to try.  We will likely respond in kind!

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