Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rebel Brewer

Sometimes you're just impressed with a product or company.  Sometimes, you're not.

Rebel Brewer out of Nashville?  SUPER impressed with their service.  They will be getting more of our business in the future.

Order placed at 10am on Friday for ingredients to make Pinkasaurus Rex, our Watermelon Saison.  My request for the order: Crush the grain till you get nervous, and please don't ship the order till after the weekend so the yeast doesn't sit in a truck all weekend.

At 11:15 I get a call on my way to work from Rebel Brewer letting me know that the order can go out that morning and would be delivered the next day (Saturday!).

Color me impressed.

Color me even more impressed when it's delivered on time and everything is in great condition (along with my nifty experimental hops).

Much appreciated Rebel Brewer!

So if you're reading this and looking for a provider with top-notch (fresh) products, and awesome shipping/customer service, drop these guys a line.  The selection is likewise top-of-the-line with names like Weyerman, Castle, and Franco-Belges...

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