Friday, June 29, 2012

Saison Brew Day (6-28-12)

A bit of a late start to our brewing day, but one hell of a good day.  It started out with a trip to Sam's for a brand spanking new 150qt Igloo cooler.  This wonderful beauty became our new mash tun with a few minutes worth of work.

I have to say that Rebel Brewer did an awesome job with the crush on our ingredients.  Our grain mill has seen a good bit of abuse, and at this point its damn near unusable without some design modifications.  In any event, we got things rolling and soon had one heckuva nice mash going in the new cooler.  One downside with the new tun was that grain absorption and loss looks to be a bit higher than expected.  In any event, a nice sparge left us with the wort we needed.  A 90 minute boil, hop additions of Styrian Goldings, Citra, and an experimental hop, and then on to chilling.  This beer smells insanely good.

We can't wait to see how this one turns out after fermentation!  Pics below!  As you can tell, we did a fair amount of grilling and enjoying during the evening!

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