Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Xmas Barleywine Brew

Today Dave and I brewed the barleywine for his Xmas party.  Dave wanted to do this one since I made a fairly tasty one about 5 years ago.  This one is a different recipe, but should end up being a pretty tasty brew regardless.

Also, it's the first beer I've made in several years.  Nice way to jump into things, eh?

The recipe is fairly straightforward, though the crush was off I think and our gravity came out considerably lower than I would have liked.  It's still gonna be a strong beer, but nowhere near the 13% I had scripted in the recipe.

 Off to the left here, you can see pictures from where I was setting things up ahead of time.  You'll notice I like to organize things by hop time and then put it all together.  I've found over time that I like to drink towards the end of a brew day.  Coincidentally, this tends to be when I have to do things like hop additions, servo, yeast nutrients, etc...  So basically, if I label everything from time then I have less chance of throwing the wrong thing in at the wrong time.

Grinding the grain!

 Stirring the mash around.  Nice color, but I think my malt grinder got bumped as the malt pieces are a bit too large.

 First wort hopping!
 I need a bigger boil kettle.  Also, screwed up my water additions on the mash, so I ended up with may too much wort.  I had to boil like an insane man....
 In the cooler at home.  Already some nice kreusen forming!
 The next night, woohoo!
 Even more kreusen!
 Racking off the trub into secondary.  Color looks good!
Dave looking like a proud papa....

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