Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daniel's Wedding Beers

So it's 9 days out, and time for a bit of an update...

Dan's wedding beer are in their final stage of glory before the wedding!

The Tripel is sitting on blackberries for a few more days before carbonation.  Yesterday, Dave and I spiked the Red and the Breakfast Stout with whiskey.

For the record, the Red is pretty damn amazing.  We tasted it (uncarbonated) with Bulleit Rye (Hot, forward on the whiskey), straight (smokey almost, interesting flavor), and with Bourbon (smooth as silk).

The Breakfast Stout has nice chocolate notes as well as coffee forward.  We also added some cacao nibs to make things just a little more interesting...

Things are looking pretty good!

Can't wait to drink a toast to our friend on his big day!

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