Saturday, April 21, 2012

On barrels... (and a few updates)

So I did a little bit of web searching today and decided to ask a certain liquor group where their barrels end up.  I love their product, and I think getting ahold of several of their barrels for brewing purposes would be a mighty fine idea.  I am being cagey about which one, as I have never seen anyone use their barrels for brewing purposes, and frankly, I don't want anyone to get them before I do if I can help it.

Fingers crossed ;)

I updated the way the calendar gets displayed.  Should be easier to view now, and since it's the actual R&D calendar, it should be pretty damn accurate.

Still waiting to hear back from the Smoky Mountain Brewery concerning my job search.  I did hear back from the COO that my email had been received, passed on to brewing department, and will be followed up on by the COO at the first of the week.  Again, fingers crossed.

Google voice number is now set up!  As of right now, it's basically a static voicemail, but at some point I'll set up a second cell line and pipe everything to it.  Till then, at least the number is nailed down.  865-309-5010.  Feel free to call and leave a kind word!

And now spending my evening reading up on beer labeling!  The sheer joy and excitement!

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